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The depravity of My mind has led Me to a realm where only few are courageous enough to dwell. Some never know the realm exists, some find the doorway but just linger outside and those that do enter, almost never return!

Be forewarned! If you enter with Me as your lead, there is no turning back. Just when you think escape is possible, you will find yourself drowning in an insidious pool of eternal traps set by the most ethereal but twisted Psychological Huntress that you will ever encounter.

That, My prey, is when your dreams become a nightmare and My fun begins!

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Over the past decade and a half, while exploring this realm I have refined My tastes, honed My skills and collected all necessary ingredients needed to transmute even the most intricate of fantasy into reality all while maintaining integrity, stealth and grace. My expertise centers largely in the arena of total power exchange, domestic discipline, psychological edge play of a grand variety, erotic hypnosis, seduction and mind control, forced bi, emasculating humiliation, degradation and objectification. Under these terms resides an umbrella of activities that you will surely flounder and lose yourself in for My enjoyment.


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